- The event planner/caterers working at Hart Witzen Gallery must have copies of their business licenses, certificates of insurance,
and proof of workman's compensation on file with Hart Witzen Gallery.

- A representative for the event planner/caterer must be on site through out the entire event. Beginning at time of delivery of
supplies, until end of clean up.

- Event planner/caterers are responsible for unloading, setting up, and reloading all their goods. In the event the event
planner/caterer not show at the time of arrival of supplies, a $200.00 surcharge will be assessed.

- All rented items are to be neatly placed on the designated area by the event planner/caterer after the event.

- All rented items or delivered goods (alcohol, flowers, video equipment, etc., etc.) must be signed for by the rentee or event
planner/caterer. No Exceptions.

- Event Planner/Caterers are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in all public spaces of the gallery, including restrooms during
the event.

- Event Panner/Caterers must collect all glasses, dishes, trash, etc. during the event to avoid unsightly pileup. Rental items such
as dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. are to be placed in the original boxes provided. Non-returnable items such as paper items
should be discarded in trash cans.

- Event Planner/Caterers are responsible for all cleaning of all public spaces in the gallery including the restrooms after the
event. This includes the sinks, counter tops, trash and especially the sweeping of the main gallery floor, this includes mopping, if

- All garbage bags are to be sealed before the caterer takes them to the dumpster. There will be absolutely no dumping onto the

- There is to be absolutely no food or bulk items emptied into the sinks as they clog easily.

- Caterers are to provide all necessary tools such as can openers, foil, pots, towels, knives, and other supplies necessary to
carry out their duties.

- No smoking inside the facility.

- Caterers must be licenced and insured.

- Hart Witzen Gallery has parking on the premises. Valets and/or police officers are suggested for events over 100 people for
parking ease.

- If alcohol is to be served (by anyone other that Hart Witzen Gallery), the event planner is responsible for insuring that proper
licences, permits, and insurance are in place.

- Event planners are responsible for providing suitable staff and security for their event.

- Promotional material for events that are open to the public must be approved by Hart Witzen Gallery in advance of distribution.

- Hart Witzen Gallery reserves the right not to remove any significant element(s) of any exhibition to accommodate an event.

- Absolutely nothing can be hung, nailed, taped to or leaned against the gallery walls.  The cost of repairing and repainting any
wall damage will be deducted from the security deposit.

- Anything that needs to be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling grid must be approved and installed by Hart Witzen
Gallery at the expense of the event planner.  The cost of installation will be determined by Hart Witzen Gallery upon request.

- No tables, chairs, or equipment can block any of the exits or interior doors.

- Extra time used for setup or cleanup, which was not specified in the contract, will be deducted from the security deposit.

- Hart Witzen Gallery cannot assume responsibility for items left by the caterer, guests, or event planner. Caterers or event
planners are responsible for removing all articles brought in during the rental event.

- In the event of any damages occurring to any artwork or to the physical condition of any and all public space within Hart Witzen
Gallery itself, the event planner  will be held solely responsible and will be billed accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to
scratches, nicks, breaks, or marks of any kind.